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eLibrary Creator : Publish eLibraries with your e-Content to sale with high security!

Using eLibrary creator software you can create eLibraries with your e-content to distribute or sale with high security like RRK and USB LKD.

It enables anyone to create, publish and market eLibraries with great ease and high security. Sophisticated and piracy free security is the key feature, where published eLibraries can be encrypted with Restriction Release Key System or/and USB License Key Dongle System which allows to use authorized users only.

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eLibrary Creator Software user (AUTHOR) can publish eLibray File (yourname.ero) which used by client (END-USER) with eLibrary Reader Software AUTHOR can create eLibraries with their eBooks, Videos and Audios and publish as single file eLibrary (yourname.ero). The single file eLibrary (yourname.ero) can be accessed with eLibrary Reader Software (free), which is workplace program to run eLibraries by those published with eLibrary Creator Software! Publish eLibraries for licensing on your unique clients (END-USER) and AUTHOR can manage clients with eLibrary Creator. AUTHOR import major type of files into eLibrary like, PDF, CHM, SWF, MP3, WAV, AVI, MPG, WMV, MOV, MP4, 3GP, SND, MID, AMR, ACC and EXE! AUTHOR can encrypt while publishing eLibrary with USB dongle as Hardware License key security, for anti piracy! Any type of USB Dongle can use as USB Dongle License Key for an eLibrary, like Pen drives, Flash Drives, Memory Cards etc.. AUTHOR can restrict some/all files in eLibrary before publishing with RRK Security System! This allows to their clients (END-USER) release restricted files with serial no. codes, these are auto generated and avail to eLibrary AUTHOR only, AUTHOR can give serial no. to end-user one by one on schedule or allot once by client (END-USER) request (by payment). AUTHOR with RRK Security, PDF files can be restricted to as not to print or copy to disk/not to view mode too and videos and audios restricted as not to view mode in eLibrary! AUTHOR can customize display style while publishing eLibrary as the requirement of client (END-USER), like customizing files description, Groping Styles, welcome screen, Layout Styles (folder tree), Chart styles and default restriction for new file. Each client (END-USER) separately get publish eLibrary with the contact details for further communication! AUTHOR can manage clients (END-USER) in Customers’ manager in eLibrary! End-user of eLibrary (yourname.ero) by using eLibrary Reader will enjoy with user friendly interface and features like, searching, grouping, rating, commenting, changing layout, watching/reading files.
Everyone can become as eLibrary Author by using eLibrary Creator software, especially those want to sale or distribute e-content. Example Tutors, teachers, universities, collages, schools, couching centers, professors and all maestro people, by purchasing eLibrary creator they can able to publish eLibraries to their clients! And those eLibraries are not pirate, so that Author can earn more money!

Try eLibrary Creator now! Then you can say some more other features those are not described here by us!

Try before-you-buy: eLibrary Creator Software 2.1

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